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Australian brands take on the federal election: 3 examples

By May 14, 2019 October 30th, 2019 No Comments
Australian brands take on the federal election

While politicians gear up for the big day on May 18, brands big and small have taken the opportunity to leverage the trending #auspol hashtag and its associated democracy sausage emoji.

A bit ballsy, you ask? Misguided? Absolutely for some. Gutsy, for sure. You only have to look as far as Nike and Gilette in 2018 to see the serious backlash that brands are confronted with when taking a stance on current affairs. But brands that tackle one of the most monotonous and eye roll-inducing times with a bit of humour can win the hearts and potentially the cash of Aussies around election time.

These brands are showing us how it’s done.

Metamucil’s #gutandnuggetalliance

Not the type to shy away from sensitive topics, Metamucil Australia has joined the #auspol conversation, putting forward the party and policies they stand, or should we say sit for.

Spying a gap in the political parties’ promises, the brand launched the #gutandnuggetalliance to run in this year’s federal election. Via the Australian Metamucil Facebook Page and a stand alone Twitter account the party says it’s the ‘Turd we Deserve’, represented by the brand’s usual suit-wearing mascots – Ms Metamucil, Nugget and Gutsy.

“We should start a movement,” says Ms Metamucil.
“A party that gives this country the push that it needs.”
Gutsy adds, “And teaches us to trust our guts again.”

Done with humour and no real dig at actual parties or policies being put forward this federal election, the brand takes a light-hearted approach at leveraging current events.

It’s in no way strained, is what we’re getting at. A light push, if you will.

Full marks for use of some rather groan-worthy puns, being timely, and for taking a shot at a subject most brands wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole.

Aleksandr the meerkat running for PM

Compare the Market Meerkat

Compare the Market has turned to its mascot meerkat to get involved into his year’s federal election conversation.

After what was framed as being asked by all his social followers to run for PM, Aleksandr (the meerkat if you were unsure) agreed to run for Prime Meernister in the upcoming election.

His policies? All focused on education, health insurance and concern for Australians’ personal budgets. The more I think about this campaign the more think it’s perfect for the brand.

“Aleksandr only cares about one budget: yours. Time to make money ‘simples’ again – for all Australians.”

I feel that they could almost own this all year around.

Vote #1 – Jimmy Brings

Jimmy Brings sign

The Uber Eats for alcohol, Jimmy Brings also saw an opportunity to take the mickey out of this year’s political events.

The brand assembled voting corflutes around capital cities alongside those of the actual political parties with the simple messaging of “Vote #1 Jimmy Brings – The only party that delivers.” #lol

It was a simple but creative way to put its brand out in the open when its product is for the most part restricted to people’s pockets.

Of course, fans of the brand took to Instagram and Facebook to share the photos of the corflutes. And the brand LET THEM do the talking, only sharing the tagged messages on their Instagram stories for amplification.

If there’s one thing I take away from this is to let a UGC campaign be a UGC campaign.