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8 Australian B2B content marketing examples you should check out

By November 12, 2018 October 29th, 2019 No Comments
B2B content marketing examples

Think B2B content marketing is all how-to blogs and white papers? Think again. Australian B2B companies are totally killing it on the content front with everything from engaging video series to epic conferences and everything in between – there’s even a bus in there somewhere.

Blackboard Fridays by businessDEPOT

Brisbane’s businessDEPOT has mapped its content marketing beautifully. From helpful blogs and videos like their Blackboard Fridays series by Jacob Aldridge, they engage with truly useful content from the get go. These, coupled with its DEPOTnext events that showcase inspiring stories of business growth, create a number of touchpoints for the brand with its potential and existing customers.

It adds value and works as a lead generation tool for the core business (which is a diversified accounting firm by the way – that’s right, accountants can have good marketing too).

Covering off topics like ‘how to communicate better in the workplace’, ‘5 coaching skills for any leader’, and ‘improving cash flow by better managing debtors’, Blackboard Fridays is a serialised, short video series aimed at small business owners.

It comes out first thing Friday morning, just in time to sit down with your coffee and watch before you start your day.

bluenotes by ANZ

bluenotes is a content platform by ANZ – a self-proclaimed forum for insights, opinion, research and news about the economy, financial services, investment and society, from within ANZ and outside.

At its core, bluenotes is a place for thought leadership on a range of broad economic subjects such as the global economy, technology innovation, business and finance, and more relevant topics to business owners and leaders.

ANZ says the platform is their answer to a changing media landscape, recognising that digital media has changed the way people consume information, and that brands can now be the voice that delivers not only content, but authoritative news, too.

But don’t be fooled, ANZ’s bluenotes isn’t just a do-good platform to help add value and educate their customers, it’s a key data acquisition tool for the bank to track trends and gain contact information. It’s now in its fourth year.

The Brisbane Report by Brisbane Marketing

Brisbane Marketing’s Investment Attraction team’s content product, The Brisbane Report, helps the team connect with investors around the globe to keep Brisbane front of mind with them.

Instead of heading into campaign mode at various times of the year to encourage investors to bring their money and/or business to Brisbane, The Brisbane Report is an always-on content play that showcases the best investment projects and opportunities happening in the city, in a way that is engaging and thought-provoking.

The monthly publication focuses on a different industry or area of innovation each month and is made up of a number of articles and videos by local business thought leaders.

CTO Daily by Buckham & Duffy

Buckham & Duffy’s email product CTO Daily is a daily email that curates trending news articles about innovation and technology, or anything of interest to a Chief Technology Officer. It’s a simple email with a summary of three articles and links through to the full articles.

With comments by co-founder Jordan Duffy, CTO Daily’s promise is to share inspiration, keep the audience informed, and equip them with the information they need to be part of the discussion as digital technologies continue to change the way we live and work.

I don’t know about you but if I was a CTO with very little time and lots of responsibility to keep up with trends, having one email delivered each day with the most important tech and innovation news would be a huge benefit. #Subscribe

Coffee Pods with Holly Ransom

Coffee Pods is a business podcast by Emergent CEO Holly Ransom. Renowned for generating innovative solutions to complex problems for corporations, Holly turns to the microphone to inspire managers and future leaders to do things differently and think outside the box to fuel change.

In her interviews, Holly encourages her guests to share the warts-and-all stories behind their success, and how others can learn from it. For Holly and Emergent, Coffee Pods is yet another way to build a reputation for disruption and innovation using the network effect of the guests. It’s top listening.

Xero’s blogs, guides, case studies, podcasts and events

Australia’s favourite small business accounting platform Xero knows how to add value for its customers.

Its content play starts with small business and accountant resources – from informative guides, user stories, formal how-to training courses, a video library of how-to content, case studies and other information needed for running a small business – and then backs it up with podcasts, and XEROCON, the greatest accounting conference in existence (according to us).

Xero has covered off literally everything you need to know about doing your own small business bookkeeping and accounting, making the platform itself an indispensable tool for small business owners.

After that, the brand uses an epic in-person event to showcase industry innovation and thought leadership, and creates a face-to-face experience that would otherwise be all online.

XEROCON Brisbane included a life-size pool-turned-ball-pit inside the conference centre. Tell me that’s not the coolest accounting conference you’ve ever heard of.

Mumbrella’s events

Marketing news and content hub Mumbrella also uses events to connect with and inform its audience, and they do it gooood. Mumbrella has an expertly segmented line-up of events ranging from awards, conferences and training workshops covering industry niches like travel, sports and retail marketing.

On top of all that Mumbella runs Australia’s biggest media and marketing event, Mumbrella360 – engaging a huge audience across media, marketing and entertainment industries. The multi-day event reinforces Mumbrella’s position as an authority and thought leader in the industry in Australia.

Neto’s blog and bus

Neto bought a bus (but more on that later).

The Brisbane-based e-commerce platform has a neat approach to content marketing.

Their blog is a place for businesses to learn all about e-commerce platforms, enabling existing clients to get more out of their Neto product and service, and arming potential clients with the information they need before they jump into an online retail business (or convert their existing shop and systems over to Neto).

The blog also works to position Neto as an industry leader, covering topics from retail news and e-commerce tips, to authoritative industry reports (that they produce themselves.)

On top of that, Neto has a bus.

It allows them to offer field support and learn more about their customers directly from the horse’s mouth. The Neto bus goes out on regional tours to help out their customers throughout Australia with any questions they might have about the platform or e-commerce in general.

After sales service meets epic content opportunity.