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5 times brands got email marketing so right

By March 28, 2017 October 30th, 2019 No Comments
Naked Wines eDM

In a world of a billion emails (204 million per minute, to be specific), trying to stand out in an inbox takes serious skill. Sending the same email offers or editorials as the business next door to you just ain’t going to cut it.

Last year I attended Email Marketing Summit Australia where it was confirmed by email experts that no one wants more emails, but they do they want better emails.

So, how can businesses break through the noise and engage customers? By serving up great content with an even better brand voice. Here’s five times brands did a fab job of getting my attention and how they did it.

1. When they wouldn’t take no for an answer – Naked Wines

Naked Wines eDM

Naked Wines received my email address through one of its current customers as a referral. In turn, my friend who referred me (by my instruction) received a discount off her next purchase and I landed a $100 discount off my first order. I received an email with the voucher and clicked through to the site, but I wasn’t ready to make the order just yet.

A week or so later, I receive this:

Subject: Still not convinced?

Did you think it was too good to be true? We know that giving you $100.00 off a case of wine might seem too good to be true. Well… it’s not! It’s just good business sense. You see, we’d rather give the money to you than spend it on glossy newspaper adverts. We’re both better off, and Rupert Murdoch doesn’t get rich in the process.

I love this email. Naked has owned up to the fact that a lot of people would see this discount as an incentive trap. It showcases the benefits of the product and how it is different to competing products, and it includes humour. The voice is spot on and I kind of feel like I’m being emailed by a person.

It also helps that I just love wine. #takemymoney

2. When they really cared about their subscribers – Crumpler

Crumpler Re Engagement eDM

Re engagement emails are so necessary. If you’re not running regular re engagement campaigns, you’re missing out on a qualified audience and potential customers.

I particularly liked this one from Crumpler. Instead of just saying “Do you still want to hear from us?” They’re promising to send me cool news and the occasional member only offer. I’m all about that. #subscribe

3. When they sent the wrong link, and then owned it – Brisbane Comedy Festival

Brisbane Comedy Festival eDM

Everybody makes mistakes, especially in email. That’s why send anxiety is a thing (it really is). So when Brisbane Comedy Festival sent me a broken survey link last week, I was immediately forgiving. I did email them to let them know though. Two days later, I received this:

Subject: The joke is on us! Updated Brisbane Comedy Festival survey link

Please tell us about your experience (or at least try to if we can get the link right!). So the last joke turned out to be on us. We got too excited and sent out a dud link– our apologies! Please find the correct survey link below.

Dayaaaaam. They owned that dud survey link. And we all laughed.

4. When they incorporated memes – Little Tokyo Two

Jock Fair eDM

I am not going to lie, I’m a sucker for a good meme.

The founder of Little Tokyo Two, Jock Fairweather, knows a thing or two about leveraging trends. With each email he sends, the subject line sets you up for a hit of inspiration, and a hint at a trending meme.

Once you open, the meme is revealed and there’s some actual valuable information about how it’s relevant to the startup scene.

Subject: Life is short… False. Living is the longest thing you will ever do | Jock Fair | Best Email in Your Inbox Today

The Office Meme

I can see how this would really hit home with the startup crew, and I truly believe it is often the best email in my inbox some days.

5. When they just served up good #content – Visit Brisbane

Visit Brisbane eDM

You know what trumps everything else in email marketing?


If you’re still sending a monthly ‘newsletter’, you’d better be serving up damn good content and you better be doing it on the reg.

Visit Brisbane’s email newsletter is 100% audience-focused, on theme, and inspires me to make the most in this city. I actually look forward to opening it.

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