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11 brands that got in on the GoT finale and tried to claim the Iron Throne

By May 29, 2019 October 30th, 2019 No Comments
GoT finale

As we close the door on the final Game of Thrones season (sad reacts only) we’ve found ourselves reflecting on the sheer volume of brands hoping to get in and leverage a bit of viral GoT action with their brand content.

P.S. We promise there won’t be any spoilers for those who still need to catch up.

Gracing our screens since 2011, Game of Thrones has gained an abundance of loyal and fanatical followers ripe for brands to dip into. The final season of HBO’s most successful show ever has had everyone talking, conspiring and holding their breath in anticipation.

Considering their success and the resulting Game of Thrones culture that formed it is no surprise brands saw an opportunity here to lap up any spare clout. With between 17 and 18 million pairs of eyes tuning in to each episode of Season 8, rightly or wrongly brands became part of the conversation.

We’ve wrapped up some of our favourite GoT-inspired (read: not lame) content.

Oreo’s epic cookie credits

Oreo has taken the crown for the best (or possibly just the most expensive) GoT-themed campaign with the launch of their Game of Cookies.

Within this campaign they released limited-edition embossed cookies, recreated the entire opening title sequence with said house-stamped Oreos and called for their followers to pledge their allegiance to a house.

Used across all of their social platforms, Twitter seemed to taste the most success with their title sequence video gaining 2M views and 13.8k retweets. Did people buy more Oreos while watching GoT? We know nothing, Jon Snow.

Like Game of Thrones. Only Aldi

Seeing two vikings pledging their loyalties while relieving themselves is something that we can’t unsee (proceed to video with caution).

But it was the perfect time for Aldi to use their “Like Brands. Only Cheaper” campaign platform. This is not the first time Aldi has repackaged this ad to reflect pop culture moments and well – “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Inserting a GoT twist was an easy way for Aldi relate to keen Game of Thrones audiences while promoting their products in the exact same way they have for years.

Johnnie “White” Walker whisky

Sharing half of their name with the GoT resident bad guys – the White Walkers – this is a partnership that makes sense to a certain segment of customers for the whisky brand.

You know the segment. Don’t make us say it.

Bogans. It’s bogans.

They say it’s best served from the freezer, so JW should have Game of Thrones junkies feeling one step closer towards becoming a White Walker. The Lord of Light knows you will certainly feel that way the next morning after a session on the stuff.

Before you ask, yes, you can purchase this limited edition whisky in Australia but get in quick as stocks will only last until Winter arrives.

Redcross’s bleeding for the throne

This is not a drill.

Redcross gave away a full-size Iron Throne – is it too late to get in on this and do you think they will ship to Australia?

In an unlikely pairing Redcross partnered with HBO to encourage fans to follow in the footsteps of their much beloved GoT characters and bleed for the throne. In a Game of Thrones themed blood drive those who donated blood were incentivised by automatically being entered into the draw to win their very own Iron Throne.

Game of Thrones fans across America rallied and together bled 400-500 units of blood. That is a lot of blood in the name of the Iron Throne. This is definitely one cause we can get behind.

Shutterstock’s millions of Iron Thrones

With the fight for the Iron Throne well and truly over Shutterstock is still wondering what the big deal is over one chair – obviously they aren’t true GoT fans because otherwise they would already know. We will admit this was a pretty brilliant way to get in on the Game of Thrones hype. When everyone is obsessing over one chair why not provide them with millions of other options? Well played Shutterstock.

Water is coming… at the Bellagio Fountain

Bringing the Seven Kingdoms all the way to Las Vegas MGM Resorts with a takeover of the Bellagio Fountains daily show. Providing onlookers with a cinematic experience, the logistics behind this production rivals only that of the show itself. With the high volume of tourists attending the Bellagio Fountain for its daily shows we think Game of Thrones is the real winner in this collaboration.

Arya’s kill list meets the Mountain (Dew)

According to Mountain Dew, A Can Has No Name. It begins with their limited edition can design which at first glance appears to be plain white, but as GoT has taught us appearances can be deceiving. When chilled this can shows you another face featuring none other than Ayra Stark’s kill list.

Taking full advantage of the FOMO epidemic Mountain Dew has of course made these cans limited edition and it is no easy feat to get your hands on one. We will give you a hint… you must first find the Iron Vending Machine. If getting yourself one of these cans isn’t GoT commitment, we don’t know what is.

Punkee’s GoT meme-athon

Look, publishers all over look to get in on the GoT train but Punkee do a particularly good job of it thanks to their awesome tone of voice and highly engaged audience. They’ve done 28 GoT-related articles since April, in fact. Some would describe this move as overkill but we have to admit the content is quality and their audience loves it.

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Bed Threads gets its historical binge on

Binge watching a show to the point of self-disgust just isn’t complete unless you’re snuggled up in a thick, wooly, Winterfell-worthy blanket. Anyway that’s the link we see between Bed Threads and their fairly worthy GoT content. Targeting their audience by creating content to binge-read between the sheets, the brand takes an informative direction by focusing on historical events reflected in the storylines of GoT.

Look, it’s pretty good. But they did pass up the opportunity to use some delicious sleepy puns like Bed Stark, The Mad Spring (Mattress) and of course The Iron Moan (you know, because of how great it is to get into bed).

Sansa Stark’s favourite binge food in Broadsheet

With Australians heavily involved in the Game of Thrones world it makes sense for a go-to lifestyle guide to celebrate the final series. They joined forces with viking-themed restaurant and bar Mjølner in both Sydney and Melbourne to bring a small part of GoT into fans’ kitchens. They have cleverly created content that allows their audience to indulge in the much loved foods of their favourite characters.

Honourable Mention to Red Bull’s Jon Snowboard

Back in 2016 hearts broke worldwide as we thought we lost Jon Snow forever, but jokes on us – the Game of Thrones producers had other plans and Jon returned (we owe you one Lord of Light).

Red Bull applauded this decision and put forth “Jon Snowboard lives to shred.” In a GoT parody Jon Snowboard beats death thanks to a can of Red Bull and goes on to become the King of the slopes. Turning heartbreak into humor Red Bull had Jon Snow fan girls swooning over Jon Snowboard and rushing out to get their next Red Bull fix.